This project, for The Executive Centre’s Hong Kong space was a real challenge and a real pleasure to work on. The company offer flexible access to luxury office space, conference suites etc. in central locations in cities all over the world.  Their up-market facilities are set in sleek, warm, interiors, many of which are designed and delivered by Fiona Hardie Interior Design and her brilliant team. With their guidance I set to work sourcing these large panels, crafted for me by Stephen at ‘Freedom, Fine Art of Wood’ and began looking at many images of the architecture in Hong Kong, sketching to decipher the prevalent shapes and relationships amongst the buildings. After much sketching and compositional study I started work on the final paintings which are made using oil based paints. On completion I built shipping crates and arranged carriage from my studio in Otley all the way to their home in the AIA Tower Central Hong Kong.